Hello from Dinah

Welcome to The Blog of Choice, I’m Dinah Liversidge and I am a Personal Mentor and Motivational Speaker.  I enjoy blogging and have set up this blog in addition to my own website blog and guest blogs for sites such as Virgin and Entrepreneur Country.

This blog is all about Choice; I believe life is all about choice.  The choices we make, conciously or otherwise, that impact our paths, our decisions, our relationships and our ability to move forward. I will be sharing my own blogs and vlogs with you here, and also some inspirational guest posts and links that have impacted me and my attitude to choice.

The stunning image used in my header, is being used with kind permission of the photographer – known as Dashalive – you can see some of his other wonderful images here  and, so that you can truly appreciate the beautiful picture in full – here it is.

I hope you enjoy the site

Warm wishes


3 thoughts on “Hello from Dinah”

  1. If there is anyone who can help others see that life is all about choice it’s you Dinah! We can often feel that choice is not available to us in certain situations, we become paralysed with fear or the stress of what’s going on. So a little no box thinking .and listening to your heart would be your prescription, would you say?!!

    • Yes Ruthie, Making the choice to listen to our hearts can be that big breakthrough moment – the moment we look back on and say “that choice was key to my success”.
      Dinah x

  2. jaynemcox said:

    Yes Dinah life is all about what path we choose. Taking responsibility and making choices is something I know we both actively practice and teach.

    Thanks for creating this positive space

    Jayne x

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